Revitalizing Themed Spa Experience

The history of spa and its use may be traced back from the Egyptian ancient times about 4,000 years ago. As early as 25 B.C., Romans on the other hand, pampered their war-weary soldiers from battle to hot wells to treat wounds and war-beaten bodies, through the use of hot tubs. In the late 90’s the popularity of the benefits of going to spa has dramatically rose until at present, in response to the growing human needs.In ancient Egypt, records show that princesses used to bath in various essential oils such as rose petals, lavender, chamomile, and among others. After bathing, perfumes and lotions made from a combination of oils were then again applied as part of the daily beauty regimen. Even in the absence of modern technology, ancient people have their own unique way of doing their beauty enhancement procedures.Nowadays, since spa salons are practically built so that services are offered as a one-stop shop, housing various services such as beauty parlors, coffee shops, gyms and fitness centers near each other, activities can be accomplished simultaneously. Furthermore, spa salons come in different themes such as Egyptian, Roman or tropical settings, inspired from various cultures and traditions. 마사지

The building, where a spa salon is housed located somewhere in Las Vegas, is designed like a pyramid with Egyptian motif such as hieroglyphic designs, palms, ankhs and Egyptian-inspired furniture and artworks. This spa offers Cleopatra-inspired treatments such as Queen Cleopatra milk bath, full body wrap and King Tut full body deep tissue massage employing ancient oils like frankincense and myrrh. After an Egyptian style of pampering, one can be treated to an ancient beer brewed from wheat spiced with anise and figs.Since Romans love to party, Roman-inspired spa incorporates modern day spa facilities with a party setting. Some bathhouses can accommodate as many as fifty persons and when arranged, a disc jockey can be hired to take charge of the music at private parties while guests are relaxing at a Jacuzzi. Roman architecture and furniture are situated nearby where one can lay down while having a facial or body massage.A Balinese-designed spa on the other hand, includes Koi ponds with plenty of plants on the surroundings and a Buddha, exudes an aura of Zen – serene and natural beauty, where a heated plunge pool and sauna await. Moreover, rooms good for two or more are available if one prefers a relaxing massage or a mind, body and spirit-rejuvenating spa treatment.