The Best Art Galleries in Dubai

“Founded by Gilles Dyan more than fourteen years ago, Opera Gallery is now one of the most popular international distributors and exporters of contemporary and modern art. The company is one of the founding members of the Fair Share Program (FSP), which provides artists and organizations with the financial support they need to reach global audiences. Opera Gallery was named one of the world’s 100 best museums in 2008.

“Award-winning, renowned French photographer Gilles Dyan has spent his career photographing both local and foreign subjects, many of whom are from Dubai. His impressive portfolio includes numerous UAE projects, as well as those from various countries throughout the Middle East. In 2004, Dyan received the honors of the Prix d’Arles, France’s top award for photographic work. “The selection of locations for our new galleries in Dubai has been carefully chosen to complement the beauty and lifestyle of this unique emirate,” says Dyan. “It is exciting to share these new and innovative works with people from all over the world, as well as to extend our longstanding engagement with the UAE art community.”

Located in the heart of the port de la mer apartments Dubai, this dynamic art gallery is committed to promoting the most dynamic artists from around the world. This includes young Dubaiis who are just starting to make a name for themselves in the international art scene. Exhibiting solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, workshops, and master classes, this international gallery is committed to exposing promising artists to the international art market. “We aim to be one of the leaders in the new developments in the field of contemporary art in Dubai,” says Manal Hoque, the Managing Director of the Art & Culture Department at the Gallery.

Located in Souk Madinat, on the south side of the Gold Souk road, this friendly and welcoming art gallery is perfect for showcasing recent and international artists. The Souk Madinat Art & Culture Center are a registered charity that was established to support the education and artistic growth of artists in the region. This center offers one-to-one consulting, advice, and promotion of the art industry in the area. Among its many activities, the center offers a comprehensive range of events and programs, including the popular Art Fair in Gold Souk on the last Friday of every month, to be enjoyed by more than 200 art enthusiasts.

Villas for sale in Dubai business district, this leading arts organization features a wide range of galleries and boutiques displaying different forms of artwork. Located on Jumeriah Road, facing Souk Madinat, this establishment is accessible from hotels and tourist facilities. “We display only original and premium art from UAE artists,” says Hossain al-Hashemi, the Managing Director of the Gallery. The Gallery sells a variety of exclusive contemporary and traditional artists’ works, as well as the regularly licensed souvenirs and gifts.

Located in Bur Dubai, a prominent art gallery is located at the Al Hajar Mountains. Offering an extensive collection of both local and foreign artist’s works, this establishment offers an annual exhibition that showcases the best of local and foreign talent. The award-winning Desert Palace gallery is home to an impressive range of contemporary and traditional artists’ works, which are available for purchase, gift, and sale. Exhibiting both new and used art pieces, the Desert Palace art gallery is recognized as one of the most distinguished art organizations in Dubai.

The second-generation art gallery of Dubai is located on the Al Boomthira Street. Offering a comprehensive collection of both local and international artists’ works, this establishment is a one-stop shop for all those interested in buying art. The Desert Ridge Art gallery, one of the largest art galleries in the world, features a vast range of art pieces by some of the most renowned artists from around the world. Offering an extensive range of souvenirs and gifts for art collectors, the Desert Ridge Art Gallery is a one-stop shop for art lovers. Located near the Al Hajar Mountains, the Art gallery sells souvenirs, and gifts, as well as artwork and prints.

Located on the Deira area of Dubai, the Majlis Gallery offers an extensive collection of contemporary art and antique works from different countries. The Majlis Gallery showcases the work of several renowned artists, including UAE-based artists. The Deira district, also known as the “Art Triangle”, is a preferred location for art buyers, artists and collectors from throughout the world. Exhibiting artists from various disciplines and nationalities, the Majlis Gallery features local and international talent. Other prominent art galleries include the XVA Gallery and the Majlis Gallery. All these art galleries offer a wide selection of high quality and durable art materials, including original paintings and sculptures, prints, watercolor and oil paintings, metalwork, photography, pottery, and furniture.