The Slot Squad

The ONLY situs slot online terpercaya Streaming Channel on Twitch Playing Fully Licensed Casino Games in the US

The Slot Squad hosted by American Betting Experts is a Twitch channel that targets bringing you insights to the regulated iGaming market, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, to the boundlessness of the interactive gaming industry.

Since January 2021, the Twitch channel has been posting streaming sessions where in actuality, the team’s players have been able to obtain their hands on some of the finest regulated slots on the market, offering an interesting experience and guidance to anyone looking to try one slot or another.

Today we have a sit-down with the team to find out what brought the project to reside, what the idea behind it’s in the first place, and wherein actuality, the Slot Squad channel is headed next.

The concept behind The Slot Squad

Hi, we’re The Slot Squad, the ONLY slots streaming channel on Twitch playing fully licensed, real money online casino games in the United States. We stream live each night at our official Twitch channel.

The Slot Squad as a concept was brought to you by Wedge Traffic founder David Copeland. Wedge Traffic is a US iGaming affiliate with three online properties – American Betting Experts, New American Casinos, and New American Sportsbooks.

Wedge Traffic spotted a difference in the Twitch channel market, which showcased fully licensed, real money online casino and slot games in the United States. With this at heart, we surely got to work on developing our strategy and recruiting our awesome team of streamers in time for the state launch of The Slot Squad on January 1st, 2021. Now, The Slot Squad streams live each night to its rapidly growing channel of viewers.

 Advantages for players

By emphasizing regulated gambling markets, we realize that we are putting the safety of our fans first. If any Twitch followers or viewers desire to play alongside The Slot Squad on some of the casino or slot games showcased, we can make sure that their deposits and withdrawals are protected.

Along with the safety and protection aspect, regulated gambling markets will always offer a high quality of online games to their players compared to unregulated markets. A more substantial quantity of software developers is ready to work within the regulated markets and create a high-quality game.

The Slot Squad currently operates in the four US states where online casino gaming is legal and regulated – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. In the coming years, we expect to have the ability to enter more states while they legalize online casino gambling and broaden our fanbase consequently!